Masks and proof of full vaccination are required to enter the Furry Village Suite.

--> COVID-19 Safety Policy <--

DEFCON Furs 2022 Badge or Badge Blank needed for access to Furry Village Amenities

(DEFCON Furs 2022 Badge Blanks (non-assembled PCB badge) are available on site for a $40 cash/card donation while supplies last. )

DEFCON Furs 2022 Registration

Venues & Badges

Hello there! Some of our spaces are part of a larger convention: DEF CON 30. Here’s the list of what you’ll need to go to what.

Well lets try to break it down into a TLDR:

DEFCON Furs Furry Village bar TLDR:

DEFCON Furs Furry Village Details

The village will be providing a low-key, relaxed environment for everyone to come work on other contests, get away from the crowds between DEF CON 30 talks or villages, or just relax and socialize with a drink from our hosted bar. We will also be taking donations for swag in the Furry Village, and swag pickup will be available for those who donated before the con.