Masks and proof of full vaccination are required to enter the Furry Village Suite.

--> COVID-19 Safety Policy <--

DEFCON Furs 2022 Badge or Badge Blank needed for access to Furry Village Amenities

(DEFCON Furs 2022 Badge Blanks (non-assembled PCB badge) are available on site for a $40 cash/card donation while supplies last. )

DEFCON Furs Parties - Furry Village

A schedule of only our DJ Lineup & parties are listed on this page.
More details on all types of events can be found here:
DEFCON Furs Talks | Furry Village Hours | Hack Your Lives AfterDark Talks

Once again DEFCON Furs is having our own "unofficial" village!

Located in the Valley Tower of the Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel and open daily during the convention,
the DEFCON Furs - Furry Village is our official outpost at DEF CON 30.

The village will be providing a low-key, relaxed environment for everyone to come work on other contests,
get away from the crowds between DEF CON 30 talks or villages, or just relax and socialize with a drink from our hosted bar.
We will also be taking donations for swag in the Furry Village, and swag pickup will be available for those who donated before the con.

DEFCON Furs Furry Village Location: Harrah's Las Vegas - Valley Tower Penthouse Suite 32031

Events and Hours: